Marketing assignment in Taycor Financial


    Hey everyone,

Today I would like to share  some information with you about my life in Los Angeles. As far as you know, I am an intern in one of local LA companies namely Taycor Financial. It is a top equipment leasing and financing company in the region. Just recently we had a very interesting project here therefore I would like to share my experience and thoughts about it.

  Our last project that was devoted to marketing in Taycor Financial was a great asset for my future. I analyzed a number of findings, did a number of calculations,  compared and contrasted different findings, understood many trends that are in the market and overall managed to understand how the marketing operations function. Thanks to this experience that I had, I understood how it is possible to conduct a proper marketing research. 

  I have to say this experience is a great way to understand how well the organization works. Therefore, I feel that this project will help me a lot in the future. At the moment I feel much more confident about marketing processes. Consequently, I feel that this project that I had experienced in a top equipment financing and leasing company will be a great asset for my future.



2 thoughts on “Marketing assignment in Taycor Financial

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