Black…black olives



   Hey everyone, 

 Today I would like to share a bit of information about black olives. Honestly, I really like these fruits (they grow on trees, so technically they are fruits) so if you are like me enjoying eating those lovely olives I am sure some of this information that I can provide may be interesting for you. In this post I would like to talk just about black ones.

  Black olives can be used for a variety of means such as consumed separately, used for different sauces or  put in sandwiches or tacos. They provide us with iron, calcium and vitamin A, which is a benefit for us. However, they do provide high dosage of sodium. On average, 24 mg of sodium can be received from 1 small (3.2 gr) olive fruit. It is a known fact, that too much sodium can lead to cardiovascular diseases, strokes, hypertension and kidney problems. 

   10 large black olives contain 4.7 gr of fat (less than 1 gr is saturated fat and the remaining 3.7 gr healthy, saturated fat). The fat that is inside olives helps to lower cholesterol levels, protects from high blood pressure and helps to deal with abnormal heart rate. 

  In general, black olives have a large variety of health benefits.  Among them are cardiovascular, cancer prevention, skin and hair health, bone and eye health benefits. Above-mentioned fat, namely healthy monounsaturated one, shrinks the risk of atherosclerosis and may lead to an increase in good cholesterol. Vitamin E found in black olives protects skin from ultraviolet radiation helping to deal with skin cancer and premature aging. This vitamin in combination with monounsaturated fat and polyphenols mitigates problems associated with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and asthma. Olive oils also contains an oleocanthal chemical which functions as an effective painkiller. Furthermore, due to a high amount of Vitamin A namely 10% of daily recommended dosage of this Vitamin, we can significantly improve our eye health. Retinal form of Vitamin A helps our eyes to better distinguish different colors and leads to improvements in night vision. 

  All in all, black olives are great products for our health. They have a number of great benefits for our bodies. The only concern that one may have is the high amount of sodium. Daily limits of sodium is 1500 milligrams for people with heart problems and 2300 milligrams for healthy adults. Consumption of just 10 large olives can provide us with 310 milligrams of sodium which is a significant amount taking into account the overall daily recommended amount. Therefore the consumption of black olives should be limited significantly if we want to minimize potential problems with   cardiovascular, kidney diseases, strokes and hypertension. 



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