My new marketing assignment in Taycor Financial


  Hey everyone,

 Today I would like to give you some insight into my life that I have in Los Angeles. As far as you remember I am an intern in one of local companies namely Taycor Financial. It is a top equipment leasing  company. It always provides a high level services for their clients that seek equipment financing.

 I am grateful for this company because it provides me a high level assistance. Here, I am able to get professional experience and understand how the company operates from inside. Just lately, we started a new Business project: we analyze how the marketing channels operate.

For me this assignment is of great importance since I am able to learn even the most basic calculations that I have never done before. I analyze findings, interpret them, understand key trends, compare and contrast data. I learn how to interpret data taking into account some of previous trends. The most valuable moment of this assignment is a possibility to understand my strong and weak points.

To be honest, United States as a country of big opportunities and Taycor Financial as a top equipment leasing and equipment financing company help me a lot to better understand what I want to do in the future. This experience and especially this consultancy project help me to grow professionally and personally. I feel that here I am able to become a “better me”: more professional person that is able to tackle all tasks more efficiently.

Have you ever had any similar situations in your life when you felt that time that you spend in your life help you to grow professionally and personally?’


3 thoughts on “My new marketing assignment in Taycor Financial

  1. Absolutely! I’ve learned to seek the value in any experience (personally or professionally), especially the more challenging ones. My most vulnerable experiences have taught me the most. Like you, they made me a better person. Continue to be open minded and seek knowledge from your experiences. Kudos! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Some of my experiences have YET to come full circle. For instance, adopting……was such a hard journey, and the emotional costs were high. Some things don’t bring a return until much later in life. I spent 3 excruciatingly SLOWWWWW years playing the piano for a small church. It was a position of obscurity. But there, I comfortably learned how to “improvise” instead of solely relying on the music. I spent LESS than a year living in Cameroon and teaching music at the American School. I was afforded many rich opportunities at that time, that may have only had to do with “chance” or God’s divine providence not “skill.” Some experiences are immediately rewarding, others…..we wait a lifetime to discover their value.

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