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  Hey everyone,

  Happy New Year everyone!! A bit a late congratulation but I believe it is better to do it later than never. 🙂 Today is a great day for me partially because it is Friday, partially because tomorrow I am going to celebrate one event called Malanka with my Ukrainian friends. It is mostly a celebration of The Old (previous) year that has just passed. Malanka is celebrated in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. I dunno maybe in some other countries, but in those for sure. It is in fact, a New Year’s Eve in accordance with the Julian Calendar. So for this reason I feel somehow elated today.

  Despite this New Year’s mood, today I would like to talk a bit about food that is not really related to New Year. It is bananas. I would like to briefly comment on health benefits that we can get if we consume bananas regularly. 

  One of them is bananas weight-loss abilities. They are, in fact, naturally sweet and can reduce the temptation to eat some other sugar overloaded stuff. One 6-inch banana has somewhat  90 calories making bananas to be quite moderate food in terms of calorie intake. Remember that chocolate candy bars often contain 4 or even more times more calories than one banana, so bananas are definitely a good alternative for people that really like products that contain a lot of sugar. Further to this, thanks to relatively high amount of soluble fiber, they help you to feel full. One medium banana contains 3.1g of fiber, half of which is soluble fiber. This kind of fiber helps to slow digestion which in turn helps food to sit in stomach making one feels more full. 

  Another reason why bananas are good is their other health benefits. Among them are support of normal heart function thanks to high amount of potassium. If one has potassium deficiency the heartbeat may become irregular, which can lead even to death issues. According to the Linus Pauling Institute everyone of us needs somewhat 4700 milligrams of potassium on a daily basis. One medium-sized banana has on average 422 mg of potassium. Additionally, they can keep eyes healthy. Thanks to availability of Vitamin A, its compounds namely beta-carotene and alpha-carotene help to preserve membranes that surround our eyes. On average, women need 700 microgram of Vitamin A daily, men need 900 microgram of this vitamin. One medium banana is able to provide nearly 10 microgram of Vitamin A therefore they can greatly contribute to our daily recommended vitamin A and potassium intake. 

 Despite a lot of positive moments that are connected with bananas, we all should remember that one medium banana has around 14 g of sugar which may be fine if consumed in moderation. However, we should remember that overeating may not help with weight loss issues, but may lead to the opposite result.




10 thoughts on “Healthy Bananas…

  1. Thank you so much for this post, you have just given me more reasons to eat more bananas., I love bananas (Potassium) before and after workouts! Two bananas will supply enough energy for a 90 minute rigorous workout. Bananas are amongst the most versatile and most widely eaten fruits by athletes. Bananas are easily digestible, the natural sugars in bananas provide instant and sustained energy to your body. Athletes world over find them useful to include in their diet. The reason is that it is quite filling, gets quickly released into the bloodstream, in the form of energy, and does not contain fats.

  2. Thanks for this post. I am virtually addicted to bananas now that I’m following the SCD way of eating, as it’s the only sweet thing available to me. So thanks for making me feel better about it! Nice post.

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