De-stress: Food that help us to reduce stress


 Hey everyone,

  Today is a lovely day. In fact, in Ukraine it is a holiday. It is called Den Svyatogo Mykolaya which means Day of Saint Michael. Since my father’s name is Mykola (Michael) I used to get some presents from him. However, today is a different day. I am not in Ukraine anymore, but in a different state. I am here, in the US. In fact, many people are preparing for Christmas/New Year routine and try to meet all their work deadlines and often experience some pressure during those last working days before those “big” days. Therefore I decided to write a few words about de-stress food today.

  Among the most actively used de-stress kinds of  food is dark chocolate. In fact, it helps to release dopamine, a chemical that has a connection with a feeling of pleasure. It can be advised to consume one ounce of dark chocolate per day which is normally considered to be the recommended daily amount.

 Vitamin C foods like oranges, kiwi, papaya etc. are great for immune system and also they help to lower cortisol levels. Those levels are strongly undesired for us due to their abilities to increase blood sugar and possible immune system suppression. Black tea has similar properties to those of Vitamin C foods due to its ability to reduce levels of  stress hormone cortisol. 

  Oatmeal  releases serotonin that in turn regulates appetite and mood. Additionally, it helps to keep cravings in check regulating our desire not to overeat.

 Interestingly, milk is also a great asset for such issues. Skimmed milk contains tryptophan that in its turn creates seratonin. The latter makes people feel relaxed and sleepy. That’s why many people consume a glass of milk before going to bed. 

 It also can be suggested to eat food that reduce pain and swelling. Among such kinds of food are walnuts, cabbage, yogurt, salmon, cauliflower etc. 

 Those foods are very easy to find since they are available in any store so just feel free to purchase such foods when you have some free time. It is always a good idea to have de-stress items in our fridges. 

 Do you know any other foods that may help to deal with stress?



27 thoughts on “De-stress: Food that help us to reduce stress

    • Shanna, I agree with you100%! When I am not training, dark chocolate, red wine, and a crackling fire are my end of the week treats. Have you tried the “Organic Panama Extra Dark 80% Cacao?”

      • Hi, Lexa – I have not tried it! I will look for it today at Whole Foods. I really enjoy the Chocolove *organic* 73% dark chocolate. So creamy and nice depth of flavor. What type of training do you do each day? I have young children, but fortunately we have a treadmill. Cardio everyday, but that’s it. Best – Shanna

      • Please let me know if you try the Panama chocolate. It is my favorite. Being a mom, I understand the time restrictions. When I had the time, I ran at least 8 miles 5-6 days a week.

        Starting CrossFit has given me a new perspective on fitness and has help me increase strength (legs, upper and core). You might like it– it’s the next best “rush” to running. LOL!! It’s a great combo of strength and cardio training that produces wonderful fitness results (with good nutrition). Right now, I am training for my first figure competition, so most of my training is in the gym concentrating on developing my leg, back, shoulder, and arm muscles. Oh and you’ll be amazed at how strength training improves your running game. 🙂

      • Lexa, What can I do at home for strength training? I am willing to invest in some equipment if I have a easy routine or a few to follow. If you can point me towards any good reading, I would love to look into it. My running is definitely off its game and could use a boost. I have heard a lot of CrossFit buzz but am clueless about what it is. Best -Shanna PS I will keep my eyes peeled for the chocolate! ! ! ! 😉

      • Shanna, there are so many basic exercise that you can perform for strength training. Go to YouTube and search “strength training exercises at home.” There are tons of videos. The Plank exercise, for example is a great exercise that requires no equipment. Here’s a link to a good video that demonstrates the correct way to do a plank.

        Simply put CrossFit is a combination of strength and cardio training. You won’t get bored with it. Every day is pretty much a different WOD (workout of the day). It’s physically challenging and probably the next best fitness routine that feeds my addiction to running. Search CrossFit on YouTube as well. As with any exercise program, there are extremes, so don’t be intimated by some of the extreme examples. CF will improve your running game; it did wonders for mine!

  1. Dark leafy vegetables and whole grains are natural de-stressers. I’m now into a book which is about natural healing and the ways to improve your body’s natural defenses. These foods are just perfect for that. You have an interesting write-up here. thank you.:)

  2. Hi Roman,

    I admire the unique takes you have on Food and I’d love to do a guest post with you. Take a look at my blog and let me know if you’d be interested:

    Still a fan either way!

  3. I love your blog. It is very well written, informative; and, I thank you for sharing your knowledge. I look forward to seeing more blogs from you. What do you know about protein shakes, like: IsAgenix and Garden of Life Raw Fit? Thanks again!!!

  4. Thanks for the info! Happy to see that EVERYTHING you’ve mentioned is already part of my diet. I am always interested in healthy food but was not so informed about de-stressing properties though. Thanks again!

  5. Roman,
    Since they say stress is one of the main triggers of ill health (did you know that just 5 min. of stress can turn your body from alkaline to acidic?!), it’s good to know there are a number of ways to tame it, including diet and the foods you mention.

    Also, if anyone is interested, I just did a post on a free presentation by Dr Lissa Rankin, who shares some fascinating information about stress, the placebo effect, spontaneous remission, the power of positive thinking and more.

    p.s. I appreciate that you have taken the time to like a number of my posts. I always like seeing that you’ve enjoyed something I’ve shared. Keep up the good work here on your blog!

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