Very basic: Why do we need protein?


  Hey everyone,

  It happened that I didn’t make any posts for quite a long time. The reason is that I had one serious task and just didn’t have time to make a post. But I am back 😛 . This period gave me an understanding that it is important not to overload people with huge amount of information but just give very specific and precise info about healthy things. Just for people to remember “why do we need it?”. So today I would like to write a few sentences about proteins and reasons why do we need to consume them.

     Proteins are macro-nutrients that are essential for our body. They cannot be replaced by anything in our bodies therefore their consumption is a must for us. Our bodies require quite a lot of proteins for proper functioning often measured as approximately 10-35% of our daily calorie intake. However, it should be noted that it is a very rough estimation and some people may need more for specific reasons such as a desire to keep muscles loosing excess fat.

   They are really a necessity because they provide support for body tissues. Without this support we won’t be able even to stand and move. Our muscles contain two kinds of proteins namely actin and myosin. They enable muscles to work properly. Further, protein maintain a proper normal acid-base balance in blood. The normal pH of blood is somewhat 7.4. If this ratio changes it can be life-threatening. In fact, proteins work as buffers in blood therefore they cannot be replaced by other macro-nutrients. 

  It also should be noted that lipoproteins (complex of both fats and proteins) carry dietary fats to other tissues and use them as energy.  Furthermore, one of the key functions of proteins is its ability to fight with diseases and infections. When body comes into a contact with virus or bacteria, immune system creates proteins called antibodies. In their turn, proteins attach to foreign invaders with the aim to neutralize bacteria. Lastly, proteins can be a good energy source. However, since it has so many benefits it may be so much more desirable for our bodies to use fats and carbohydrates.

 Overall, proteins are a must in our diet since their perform a number of vital functions including even the most basic abilities of bodies such an ability to stand or move. Furthermore, they are essential for proper tissue functioning, virus fighting, keeping proper acid-balance and are a great source for energy usage.



5 thoughts on “Very basic: Why do we need protein?

  1. It’s amazing all that are body can do and produce. Hopefully I can stop by your blog more often as I continue on my personal healthy lifestyle

  2. Hi Roman- So true. Thanks! I am a savory girl so I like my protein and can forget sugar. Did you see my Ukrainian Borscht recipe? I call it Vasilisa’s Holiday Borscht.

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