These awesome oranges…


   Hey everyone,

  Today I feel like talking about lovely oranges and reasons why do we need to consume those orange fruits. They are known all over the world and started being cultivated back in China around 2500BC. To taste most of them are sweet, however some are bitter.  They are known for their strengthening properties, giving a feeling of joy and happiness. Further, they are full of essential nutrients and vitamins that are so needed for our overall health.

  One of the most important benefits of oranges is their ability to fight with different kinds of diseases. Among them is cancer fighting. Citrus limonoids found in oranges helps to fight with different kinds of cancer including stomach, lung, breast and skin ones. Further, carotenoids, compounds of vitamin A, reduces chances of developing liver cancer. Another benefit is kidney disease prevention. Importantly, it is a characteristic of orange juice to prevent kidney diseases and even reduce the risk of kidney stones development making orange juice a great solution for people with above-mentioned problems. Moreover, polyphenols in those fruits are able to protect us against common viral infections.

  Among other important advantages of oranges is their ability to improve the overall health. Among them is heart health boosting characteristics. Oranges are a good potassium source that helps to keep heart functioning well. If a potassium level goes down significantly, abnormal heart rhytm may develop (arhythmia). Soluble fiber, found in oranges, is also a great advantage that lowers the level of cholesterol. Further, Vitamin A helps to prevent macular degeneration making oranges good for good vision creation. It also should be mentioned that while favonoid hesperidin in oranges regulates blood pressure, magnesium helps to maintain blood pressure making an orange a great source for proper regulation of blood levels.  Lastly, beta-carotene is a great antioxidant that saves cells from damage protecting it from free radicals preventing aging process.

   One more point worth mentioning is a concern regarding amount of sugar available in this kind of citrus and plausible problems with enamel erosion. For sure, one should remember that similarly to other fruits, orange has sugar. One small orange (around 96g) has about 9g of sugar and therefore their consumption should be limited. However, it is known that glycemic index of an orange is somewhat 40 making a spike of blood sugar unlikely to happen if one doesn’t consume a lot of oranges at one time. It so due to the fact that anything below 55 is considered low and will unlikely result in weight gaining. Nevertheless, it is still advised to limit the consumption of those awesome oranges.  As for enamel erosion, it is really a big concern for many of us. High consumption of orange juice may negatively affect enamel hardness. Therefore, teeth brushing after orange juice drinking is strongly undesirable for those that want to have good and hard teeth.

   In conclusion, oranges are a great source of many nutrients and vitamins and their consumption is strongly advised for all people that want to prevent a number of diseases and/or improve their health. However, it does have sugar and may damage enamel of teeth and therefore should be consumed in moderation.

Orange fruit i


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