Taycor Financial: Project Community Program


  Hey everyone,

   Today I would like to share with you some information not only about healthy food and exercises but also about my personal stuff. By saying this, I mean that I would like you to know more about the company where I have an internship. If you remember from my previous posts, it is Taycor Financial. 

  Taycor Financial, that provides  equipment leasing services including those in medical and dental areas, has a number of great lifelong business relationships. Just recently they had a great project namely  Taycor Financial: Project Community Program. They organized  and sponsored a trip to Oaxaca (Mexico) in order to provide healthy services for those people that are in need and assisted local dental and medical students mentoring . 

  It was a three-day project that was also achieved thanks to Taycor Financial’s partners whom Taycor Financial knew pretty well long before this event. In fact, Taycor Financial had already provided medical equipment leasing for them. On the whole, It was a very honorable experience for both parties involved. This collaboration gave a birth to Taycor Financial: Project Community Program.

  Three doctors, three dentists and other ten support members were a part of treatment teams. The visiting professionals involved in this project needed to wake up at 6.00 am and were provided with breakfast. They were working till the sundown with one hour-long lunch. At the end of the day they were also provided with dinner. 

 Overall, the whole process was quite challenging. It took  four hours up and down mountain ranges very often along quite dirty roads from the local airport. The visitors to this clinic stayed in an empty building sleeping on straw mats.  It was the accommodation that local officials could provide. Further to this, it was really hard to transport a lot of people, supplies and equipment for this project. Even more, students didn’t know each other prior to this three-day event but still managed to build good relationships and successfully managed to work together.

  Taycor Financial strongly believes that it is an honor for them to be able to support people that don’t have luxuries in life.  Further, they aim to continue similar projects in the future in order to make a positive contribution for such people.


I believe it is a great project that helps to build better world, better us. What do you think about such projects? Your opinion is very much welcomed. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Taycor Financial: Project Community Program

  1. This venture sounds pretty incredible.

    I have a small proposal that I’ve been meaning to sync up with you on. You don’t have a ‘contact’ page, so please shoot me an email through my ‘contact’ page when you get a moment.

    Your blog is pretty awesome. Keep doing more awesome shit!

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