Green apple is a wise choice


 Hey everyone,

  Today I decided to talk a bit about a fruit which, I believe, is universal for all cuisines and available in all countries and regions all over the world. It is apples. Though there are a lot of different variations of those lovely fruits, green apples, which are often viewed as sour and sweet to taste, is my personal favorite among all of them and therefore I decided to start writing about green apples today. They are a very wise choice since they contain lots of nutrients such as minerals, proteins, anti-oxidants, vitamins and fibers. They are very good for people that have issues with digestion, improve blood cholesterol and appetite and further stabilize sugar levels.

   Among key benefits of apples are their high fiber, mineral, anti-oxidant and vitamin content. Due to high fiber content, it cleans our system, improves metabolism and make us less hungry during the day which helps us not only to eat less but also metabolize food faster. As for mineral content, such minerals as cooper, manganese, potassium, iron, zinc etc. are compulsory for a good health. For example, iron found in green apples helps to raise the level of blood oxygen and increase metabolic rate. As for anti-oxidant amount, green apples are excellent source of them that helps to build and rejuvenate cells.  Thanks to this, it is possible to maintain glowing and healthy skin. Further to this, antioxidants help to protect liver and make sure that it functions properly.  As for vitamins, green apples are rich in such vitamins as A and C. Those vitamins maintain glowing skin from inside protecting it from negative effects of free radicals. 

 One more positive aspect of green apples is their disease prevention characteristics. They are able to avert a number of diseases such as skin cancer. Due to Vitamin C found in them, they are able to prevent damage against skin cells by free radicals which in turns effectively reduces skin cancer development chances. Further, such problems as Alzheimer’s, asthma and diabetes can be tackled if green apples are consumed regularly. Moreover, green apples are also effective with rheumatism issues helping thyroid gland to function more efficiently. 

  Another aspect which is needed to be taken into account is their nutrition (fat/potassium/sugar) content . In fact, apples are almost fat-free and contain only 0.5g of fat (one serving used as a measurement: small-medium apple). They also have reasonably generous amount of healthy potassium. However, they do contain sugar. On the average, it is 14 g of sugar per serving. Therefore apples are suitable for weight watchers but still should be consumed with moderation.

  All in all, green apples are great for a number of disease prevention and control issues, they are able to bring positives for  our health especially they are good for glowing skin. Nevertheless, one should be conscious about amount of sugar found in apples and therefore it is advised to be moderate with them.




4 thoughts on “Green apple is a wise choice

  1. Thanks for the info, once again really helpful – I didn’t realise there was as much sugar in them! Do red apples compare any differently? Are they higher in antioxidants or lower in sugar?

  2. Roman, thanks for the useful article 🙂
    One thing I would like to add… it is better for buy apples in the organic stores. I understand that it’s more expensive, but due to detected pesticides in it, this yummy fruit got into Dirty Dozen, which was identified by EWG.

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