Lemons and why do we need them… (More in depth information)


  Hey there,

  Today I am going to talk about lemons and advantages of their usage. This post will slightly differ from the majority of my previous ones since today I will talk more about external benefits than about internal ones (more from a beauty side). By this I mean, that lemons are great not only for consumption as a food, but that they can be used for other purposes, Therefore I aim to describe lemons usage from both perspectives.

  In terms of (internal) consumption usage, lemons are great as an immune boosting supplement since it is full of Vitamin C and as a source of potassium which helps to maintain and improve heart health, nerve and brain functions. Further, it helps to improve digestion due to toxins loosening  in digestive tract which effectively improves symptoms of indigestion. It also flushes toxins out from our bodies  which in turn stimulates our liver. Moreover, due to availability of pectin fiber it assists in fighting hunger cravings helping to lose weight. It  may also help with inflammation issues due to acidity decrease in our bodies if lemons are used on a regular basis. Further, there is an opinion that lemons are able to boost our level of energy reducing anxiety and depression and as a caffeine cutting out from our eating/drinking regime. The latter could be achieved due to its refreshing taste which can be a nice substitute for people looking for more energized start of the day. One more internal advantage is its antiviral infections properties. It is believed that lemon juice combined with lukewarm water is an effective way to diminish viral infections curing sore throat problems. 

  As for external properties, lemons are great for a variety of usages. Among the most actively known usages is its effective acne healing and blackhead removal properties. Lemon juice rubbing across the face  is an effective natural alternative for often expensive products available in the market. It so due to its natural antibacterial and anti fungal properties.  Lemon juice also lightens dark spots and other blemishes evening skin tone. Further to this, if one suffers from oily skin it could be suggested to use a cotton swab swiping it with lemon juice to prevent excess oil from face. Lemon juice is also great for those that seek hair color brightening. Lemon juice combination with hair conditioner can significantly lighten hair. In order to achieve a lightening effect, one needs to comb this mixture through strands, sit in the sun for some period of time usually a couple of hours and later wash it out. It order to get a substantial effect one may need to repeat this procedure a few times. In fact, lemon juice may help not only to deal with color, but may calm dry scalp and even help with dandruff issues. Combination of lemon juice, raw honey, olive and coconut oil is often cited as “simple solution” for dandruff. Among other purposes of usage are its chapped lips soothing and  nails strengthening abilities. Lemons are viewed as a great exfoliate for chapped lips and as a reliable source for conditioning weak nails whitening yellowish color. In fact, lemon juice is often used as a whitener for teeth. Mixture of baking soda and lemon juice does significantly improve the color of teeth making them more white. However, one should be extremely conscious using this recipe due to its possible negative effect on teeth enamel. One more positive external effect of lemons are its possible usage for face and body cleansing. Lemon juice, some natural oils (like chamomile or lavender) and yogurt is a good homemade cleanser. 

  Overall, lemons and their juice is an excellent source of a great number of nutrients and vitamins that can bring improvements for us from both perspectives: internal and external ones. However, due to a high content of citric acid everyone should be conscious when it is applied to teeth enamel. 


P.S. It is my second post about lemons. However, I feel that the approach taken and content that I have taken for this post is significantly different from my first (more introductory) post making the information more appealing for those that do love lemons and are ready to use them on a more regular basis.


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