Advantages of avocado consumption


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 Today I would like to talk a bit about avocado and its healthy benefits. It is clear that all kinds of fruits and vegetables contain a number of benefits and avocado is no exception from here. It is cultivated in countries and regions with more tropical climate such as California. In fact, avocado is commercial value fruit namely a large berry with a big seed in the center which contains a large number of fat, fiber, potassium, beta carotene and vitamins. 

  Among main advantages of avocado is fat. For sure, monounsaturated fat in modesty is a benefit. It helps to lessen LDL cholesterol which is harmful for our health. This kind of fat is found in vegetarian sources like nuts, olives, vegetable oils, seeds and avocado. It is often advised by nutritions that 34 to 50 grams of fat can be obtained from poly or mono- unsaturated kinds. Avocados belong to the monounsaturated one and therefore is suggested by nutritions.

   Another benefit is high content of fiber. Avocado contains 75% of insoluble and 25% of soluble fiber. To be specific, insoluble fiber reduces chances of getting colorectal caner while soluble fiber is great for appetite control. Further, it has 18 essential amino acids which are must for a body to form a complete protein. Thanks to the high fiber content, this kind of protein is easily digested by our bodies, in contast to many protein drinks which can be hard for some of us to digest.

  Avocado is also a great source of vitamins. It contains B, K and E vitamins. In fact, B vitamins helps body metabolism and helps to maintain a healthy skin tone. K vitamins make sure that bones grow as it should be. As for Vitamin E, it helps to avoid such conditions as retinopathy.

  Overall, despite concerns over high fat amount content, monounsaturated fat which is found in avocado is a healthy one which can bring a number of benefits for health conscious people. In addition, it has vitamins and fiber which also contributes to our overall health. 





4 thoughts on “Advantages of avocado consumption

  1. Oh, Avocado is one of my favorite foods 🙂 It is very good in different salads and smoothies. Thank you for great article!

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