How to make sushi nutritious and healthy?


 Hey everyone,

 Today I would like to talk a bit about sushi. Sushi is highly popular kind of food all over the world and therefore the concern whether sushi is healthy interesting for many of us. Therefore I would like to give some pieces of advice how to make sushi a good option if you want only to benefit from them.

 1. If you decide to go for sushi try to find  a place where fresh fish is guaranteed. It is clear that it may be quite pricey, but it is totally worth it. Mostly expensive restaurants guarantee the quality, however sometimes there are cheaper restaurants that guarantee quality. So quality is definitely better than quantity. 

 2. Try to stick to no more than two rolls. Sushi can be, surprisingly for many of us, a high calorie kind of food. For example, Texas sushi with Poblano Sauce has approximately 740 calories per serving.

3. It is also a good idea to ask for brown rice if it is available in the restaurant. The reason is not fiber which is stil available in white rice though in less quantity. The main issue is whole grains which have heart protective abilities.

4. Don’t go for fried food. Tempura fish boosts the number of both calories and fat for each serving.  Further, the deep-fried variant is not a good choice for health conscious people. 

5. If you don’t try to get heavier (grow lean muscle) don’t go for big sushi rolls such as rainbow, dynamite and spider. They are usually quite large and contain a lot of calories in comparison to more “simple” rolls.

6. Try if not to eschew but at least minimize the amount of mayonnaise consumed. Mayonnaise is often simple waste of calories and some rolls do have pretty large amount of mayonnaise on top of sushi or it is simply put inside. 

7. Eel consumption is often not a great idea. The reason is that eel is often served in sugary brown sauce which has nothing nutritious. However, eel itself is high in omega3 fatty acids. 

8. If you feel like eating veggie rolls is what you want feel free to order even avocado (which is high in fat)  rolls. Alternatively, there are always different kinds of salads that contain vegetables or even some kinds of Japanese soups which contain both veggies and fish.

  Overall, sushi if have fresh fish is a good and healthy kind of food. Aforementioned tips can help to be more sure that this healthy kind of food is able to provide as much benefits for our health as it is possible.  




5 thoughts on “How to make sushi nutritious and healthy?

    • Well, not really, though sashimi is a good food for sure. Overall, I do recommend to ask for brown rice if it is available. If not, probably it is a good idea to limit amount of sushi consumed. But yes, sushi is quite good for us. 😉

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