Is there any difference between white and brown sugar?



  Hey everyone,

    Today I would like to talk a bit about two most often talked kinds of sugar namely white and brown sugar. It is often believed that brown sugar is very healthy whereas white sugar is not a good choice for those that want to stay healthy and fit. In fact, the main difference is molasses. White sugar is simply bleached from brownish molasses.  The opposite situation happens with brown sugar. It is produced by adding molasses back to the white sugar and therefore there is a difference in terms of yellow/white color of one kind and brownish of another. In fact, molasses gives a specific flavor which makes brown sugar more sweet, rich in taste, moist and  more of clumpy texture.

   It also should be noted that the perception towards the usage of both kinds differ. White sugar is often perceived as an important ingredient for baking and  is mostly used for food and beverages. In contrast to white sugar, brownish one is viewed as more of quality.  It is perceived so due to the fact that brown sugar changes the color of  products that are baked and gives an extra moistness which in turn gives people an idea that brown sugar is more health- oriented product. Importantly, thanks to above-mentioned qualities brownish sugar is often used for making marinades for meat dishes or sprinkled on desserts. Nevertheless, on the whole both types are used as sweeteners for coffee and tea therefore both could be good substitutes for each other. 

   One more fact worth mentioning is its nutritional value. Unfortunately for many of us, sugar is indeed very much an empty amount of calories and there is little difference between those two kinds. Being specific, white sugar contains 99.9% of pure sucrose and gives 16 kilocalories, whereas brown sugar is 97% sucrose, 2% water and 1% other substances and gives even more calories than a white one specifically 17 kilocalories. Furthermore, a widespread idea according to which brown sugar is of high nutritional value due to the molasses  that gives a number of minerals including calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium could be neglected. In fact, there is a very small amount of these minerals in brown sugar which in turn gives little if any benefit for our overall health. 

  All in all, both types of sugar are clear substitutes of each other and have little nutritional value. The main difference between them is molasses and specific taste which it gives: white sugar has more plain taste whereas brown is more of richer and sweeter consistency . 




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