Almond milk is worthy consuming


   Hey everyone,

  Today I would like to talk a bit about almond milk and reasons why do we need to consume it. Almond milk is a kind of milk which is made of ground almonds and water. This kind of milk is often opposed to rice and soy milk. Both of which lack healthy minerals that are found in almond milk.

  This kind of drink is suitable for people with a number of allergies including those that have gluten and soy allergies. Furthermore, it has no lactose and therefore lactose intolerant people can consume almond milk instead of dairy products. 

   Importantly, this milk doesn’t contain any saturated fats and cholesterol but contains omega3 fatty acids making it very good for those people with heart diseases.  It also contains a good amount of protein and fiber.  One standard eight ounce serving contains one gram of protein and one gram of fiber. It is also very low in fats and calories.  Only 40 calories and  3 grams of fat per a serving. 

  Almond milk helps to slow the process of aging and helps to keep skin hydrated. Further, Vitamin E found in it helps to prevent cancer.  Last but definitely not least point is that this kind of milk helps to limit the amount of oil secreted by sebaceous glands and therefore it is also a good remedy for acne.

  Overall, almond milk is definitely a worthy consuming product that helps to prevent a number of diseases.



3 thoughts on “Almond milk is worthy consuming

  1. I made the switch to almond milk about a year ago and cant stand the taste of normal milk now.. such a pity more cafés don’t have it on their menus, which is why I just choose an espresso!

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