Why do we need to drink water during work outs?



    Hey  everyone,

     Today I would like to talk about water drinking during workouts.

     As we all know, water drinking is a must in order to stay hydrated during the whole day. In fact, water is the second most important after oxygen need of our bodies. It also should be noted that the more  we work out the more we should drink water before, during and after our workouts. The reason is dehydration. With dehydration it may be hard to get the most out of workouts. It may be even dangerous for our bodies to be dehydrated. However, it also should be noted that too much water can disturb performance. 

   It is always a get idea to figure it out how much water do we need to consume per work out in order to get most of our sports routine but not at the expense of our health. Obviously all people differ in sizes, extend to which they sweat, climate in which they exercise and so on and therefore the amount of water taken may differ substantially. For the vast majority of people there is no need to interrupt their work out routine in order to have a drink of pure water which make water drinking during workouts to be useless. However, some may experience dehydration during challenging routines especially when one needs to run for a long period of time. Very often this question is linked to the amount of sweat produced during the workout/day. A healthy, average-sized person produces 32 oz of sweating during moderate or moderate-vigorous exercise. However, if one sweats more than that he/she may need to get some hydration during workout. To be specific, if one loses 2% or even more of hydrated body weight it may affect exercise performance. 

   One more point that should be taken into account is the issue of dehydration consequences. During mild periods of dehydration, one may start feeling uncoordinated, lightheaded or even have muscle cramps. If no hydration achieved it can lead to heat exhaustion which in turn can result in heart stroke which is potentially fatal and needs immediate medical attention. 

  Overall, there is no clear answer to the question of how much water should be consumed during work outs. Very often it depends on the hydration VS dehydration ratio and depends on the amount of sweat produced.



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