What do we need to know when we decide to drink orange juice?



    Hey everyone, 

  Today I would like to talk about a drink which is consumed by many of us namely orange juice. It is largely believed that this drink is highly healthy and is able to bring lots of positives for our body.  Which is true 😉 but to be honest it is not always the complete truth. Even though orange juice is relatively healthy, it contains lots of negatives inside and therefore all those negatives should be taken into account if one decides to go and drink orange juice.

   Starting from positives, it should be remember that orange juice is oranges foremost which contain lots of vitamins especially it is rich in Vitamin C. Importantly, skin of oranges is rich in nutrients, fiber and all the good stuff therefore it is a good idea not to peel the skin. Further, according to recent study of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition if one consumes about two cups of 100 per cent orange juice every day per a month it can significantly decrease the level of diastolic blood pressure among slightly overweight men. Orange juice consumption can lead to improvements in other indicators such as better functioning of blood vessels and cardiovascular health.

  As for negatives, one should understand that juices are foremost a liquid that should be stored for some period of time. This liquid (if not fresh juices) is made from concentrate. The thing is that concentrated juice is combination of fruits full of sugar and sugar itself needed for concentrate. Further, if one eats one orange or two he/she will be most likely satisfied but if he drinks this one or two oranges he/she won’t be and therefore the consumption of juice leads to over consumption of sugar. It should be kept in mind that juice removed from a fruit is just concentrated fructose (which is suggary) and lacks needed healthy vitamins and nutrients which occur in non-concentrate fruits.

   Overall,  if one wants to drink an orange juice or any other kind of juice it is better to drink a bit of fresh juice without added sugar from concentrate. Or as an alternative, we can always eat one or two oranges and drink a few shots of simple and pure water.




3 thoughts on “What do we need to know when we decide to drink orange juice?

  1. True 🙂 Even more, I think that taste of orange fresh juice is different from the concentrate. For sure fresh juice is much more better 😉

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