Taycor Financial International Business Internship Interview


   Hey everyone,

Today I would like to give you an insight into the way how my life is constructed outside of my dieting/working out routine. As I mentioned a few weeks ago I am an intern in one of LA companies namely Taycor Financial. It is equipment leasing and financing company.
It is an honour for me to present you the interview of one of my colleagues. Her name is Yael. She is an intern from Europe as well as me, but not really from Eastern Europe but more from South-Western part. In other words, she is from Barcelona city in Spain.
From this interview you can get an overall impression about Taycor internal culture, get to know Yael and her interests.

If you want to know more about Yael and her pathway feel free to read her complete interview right here  http://www.taycor.com/news/interview-highlight-yael-serena-international-intern/

Let’s wish Yael all the best and I promise to give you more insight into my professional life presenting my video and videos of my  other colleagues.

   Have  a good day everyone!!


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