Never give up on your dreams!!


  Hey there,

  Today I would like to be more philosophical and to talk a bit about  our desires to be better. For sure, no one is excellent and we all tend to have bad sides of us. I would like to devote a bit of time to goal setting and the way how we can make it.

  Just recently I saw a man who was a bit overweight. I believe he has a total misbalance of the ratio: fat and muscle structure. I am afraid he has 50 or maybe even 60+% of body fat. It may be even hard to walk for such people. However, I feel some kind of respect to him since he has a goal to be fitter and lose some amount of fat. Being honest, I don’t really believe in substantial progress in his situation. It is not because I want it to be like that I am just afraid that his skin and especially stomach are stretched that even the hardest exercise may not help. He may want to eat even more after an active exercise. I am afraid that in his situation only surgery is the option. But I really would like to be wrong.

    Despite all this, this situation taught me that we should never give up our dreams and ideas. We can reach them no matter what if we can set a goal properly. I believe the best strategy is focusing on short term goals having in mind long term ones. The reason is that if we set a long term goal it may be a bit hard for us to be happy with small improvements. Remember nothing comes easy.

   One more point to be discussed is move on no matter what. Many people when they see progress start being happy and simply decide that they should not move anymore. But the truth is that even after substantial improvements there are even bigger improvements waiting for us. So we need to move on all the time!!


  To conclude, I would like to post an inspirational picture. 😛




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