How to be fit on a budget?


  Hey everybody,

   Today I would like to talk about a topic that could be interested for almost everyone. It is money. 😛 I believe that we all are concerned about this topic especially those of us that are on a budget. I will try to give you some advice how to spare your money and still be in shape.

No excuses even if you are on a very tight budget. I believe many people try to find some kind of excuse when they are very far from being rich and say “I am broke and have no money for all those health issues”. The truth is that there are options for everyone and always. There is no need to find luxurious gyms with swimming pools and saunas. All you need is some space for cardio (which could be done even outside of gym) and a few machines for legs, biceps, triceps, chest and shoulders. Sit ups and push ups could be done even somewhere on streets when you have a bit of spare time.

There are cheap gyms. In fact, here in LA most gyms are not really that expensive. One month membership can cost somewhat $30 per month (as in LA Fitness). The only negative is that they require a deposit which could be quite expensive for many of us. But remember deposit is paid only once!!

Think about food that contain much protein. Well, in fact even if you are on a budget you still may have a chance to afford to buy egg whites or bars full of protein. One pack (which may consist of 10-12 bars) may cost somewhat $10. Each bar can have somewhat 10 gr of protein. Overall, for simple muscle preservance 120 gr is somewhat okey and may cover almost day need of proteins. A bottle of egg whites costs around $4 which has around 100 gr of protein. To be concrete, a day need may be somewhat 150-200 gr for most of us and therefore $ 10-15 per day may solve many issues for those that want to have some muscle.

Walk every single day. Just take your time and walk 30-60 minutes per day and it may help you to burn many calories that are consumed every day. It costs nothing and is so helpful for our “lean” bodies.

Try to be inspired by other people. In order to keep your movement to good looking body you have to be inspired by other people. Those people may not be your close friends maybe even some unknown people could be your inspiration but you should have them mo matter what. If you see people that are in shape and well defined most likely you will be motivated to do all the above mentioned stuff keeping your diet in regime.

 And the last but definitely not least Keep going no matter what other people say. 
It is a good idea to like what you have so far but there is always some space for improvement just try to be persistent and keep moving. You can do really a good job.

And some stuff for motivation. 


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