The Versalite Blogger Award



    A bit late but today I would like to announce that this blog was nominated for The Versalite Blogger Award. This award is honour for me, as a person who is leading it. 😛 Therefore I would like to say Thanks to Yael, who nominated me for this award. I feel happy. Thank you!!


  Being able to nominate other bloggers makes me feel even more inspired. Therefore I am happy to nominate some of my choices:  Sofia Hager’s blog dedicated to healthy life style.  Matt’s Blog. Amazing pictures from all over the world. At least it seems like that.  Healthy life style and yoga. Lots of useful information. Books, fitness, health, fashion, DIY  Lovely foods  For those that like healthy life style  Life is a Beach


  I would also like to share seven interesting facts about me (It is a requirement for award).

 1. I can talk three different languages fluently and can a kind of understand a few more.

 2. I don’t eat meat (except of fish).

 3. I don’t like very sweat foods.

 4. I prefer European lifestyle to American (In general of course).

 5. I believe Asia is the main place where work opportunities arise.

 6. For some reason in the United Kingdom people say my English is more American and in the United States it is more British.

 7. I try to be polite and tolerant all the time (I try :P) but for some reason end up exaggerating most of things.


  Thanks Yael one more time and thanks everyone who is a part of this blog life.




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