How to find a good gym in Los Angeles if you are a foreigner?

 Hey there,

 I would like to share my experience how to find a great gym if you happen to be unfamiliar to most places in Los Angeles area. It was important for me to find a great location due to my personal interests. Gym is my hobby and way of life so I needed to find one which could be pretty close to the place where I live. Since I found an apartment near La Cienega and Jefferson metro station I had an aim to find one somewhere in Culver City area.
My search started from simple asking people whom I know about different gyms that are somewhere nearby. Most of people named very few which are known and famous in this part of LA. After some time, I decided to use Googlemap in order to find some which are close to the place where I live. It happened that there are at least 10 gyms in 10-15 minutes bus riding area. Keeping in mind all names that I heard before, I decided to give a try with popular places. Even though Gold’s gym was the favorite in terms of responses, I couldn’t choose that one because it was too far away from home. Therefore I decided to focus on LA Fitness which was also pretty known here. So I decided to go on my own to this gym in order to see all advantages and disadvantages of that place.
LA Fitness is indeed a great place to go. This gym is equipped with all facilities which one may need. They have all kinds of machines there including different kinds of weights for all parts of body. Everything is well equipped, light and clean. The most important aspect of this gym is their cardio area since it has many running machines and therefore there is no need to wait for them to be available simply because there are lots of them. In addition to gym facilities, they have nice swimming area with Jacuzzi and many other facilities for such activities like yoga, zumba and so on.
However, there might come up some issues that are closely related to lack of understanding how everything works here, in Los Angeles. The thing is in order to be registered I should had taken a debit card with me for registration. Such a situation was unlikely to happen in Ukraine where people don’t need debit cards for registration. Being honest, I didn’t understand why they need it. I do realize they need to be sure that if I break some machine they get money but it may happen that there are no money on that card. From my perspective, this rule is a way to nowhere. Deposits are a much smarter way of ensuring payability.
To conclude, I suggest everyone to read reviews and ask people for help with gym search. In my opinion, people that are involved in sports will definitely suggest good ideas. And of course be ready to face some rules which exist here in the US that may or many not exist in your country of origin if you are not local.



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