Conjugated linoleic acid

  Conjugated linoleic acid known as CLA is a very popular supplement used by many people that go for sports. In fact, it is naturally occurring polyunsaturated fatty acid mostly found in organic dairy products, grass-fed beef and such products as safflower oil.

  Fatty acids are essential for our organisms but cannot be made inside our bodies and therefore should be taken in the form of quality CLA supplement.  Among key benefits of CLA are: reduction of cardiovascular disease risk, inflammation fighting and cancer-fighting properties (breast, colon, prostate and skin cancers). One more advantage of CLA is its body fat reduction and lean muscle mass increase.  According to scientists, CLA enters fat cells and breaks down triglycerides. It also helps to lower chocelsterol and boosts metabolism. All those CLA abilities are good for heart and weight management. However, it should be noted that if CLA is used for weight loss, the result may look a bit not impressive this is due to improvements of actual body composition which  often occurs with gaining of lean body mass. Further, it also should be noted that CLA should be omitted if one has diabetes, pregnant or breastfeeding.

 The recommended dosage of CLA is 3.4g of high quality CLA per day divided into three doses and taken at mealtimes.




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