Suggestions for working out in gym


  Among some key suggestions for working out in gym are:

  1. Warming Up. Do some walking or running at the beginning of your work out.

  2. Hard but short exercises. 6-12 reps per set is suggested in a combination with 4-5 sets.

  3. It is important to change the routine every month – month and a half because our bodies start adapting to stress and therefore productivity falls.

 4.  Proper attention to the whole body. It is advised to train all groups of muscles. There are a number of combinations such as chest+biceps, legs+triceps and shoulders+back.

  5. Cardio limitation for muscle growth.  If the aim is fat burning more cardio is needed if muscle gaining is a priority cardio should be reduced significantly.

 6. Proper sleep is a must. 7-8 hours sleep is needed for muscle gaining. Muscles grow during periods of rest.

 7. Stress avoidance. Stress increases the hormone cortisol which encourages body to store fat and burn muscles.


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