Products that are considered as healthy but contain lots of sugar

  There are a lot of products in the market which are considered to be very healthy but, in fact, contain lots of sugar.

 1. Cereal. Very healthy meal indeed but one cup of it tends to contain around 15 gr of sugar.

 2. Muffins. Loved by many treatment often advertised as a good supplement for tea/coffee containing over 20 grams of sugar.

3. Flavored yogurt. One serving of flavored yogurt very often may contain up to 25 grams. It does boost metabolism and improves immunity but less fat containing if it is natural without any flavor additions.

4. Vitamin Water. 20 ounce bottle contains not only so needed vitamins but also more than 30 grams of sugar.

5. Dried fruits. Even fresh fruits tend to be highly sugar containing but dried ones are above even them. One serving of this product may contain over 30 grams.

6. Juices. They are very sugar containing products . They usually combine fruit substance of natural, fresh fruits and also additional amount of sugar during the phase of filtration. Especially those made from concentrate are excess sugar containing.  One serving of this drink may contain over 25 grams.

7.Spaghetti sauces. Even though they usually don’t taste sweet, half cup of it may contain nearly 15 grams of sugar.

8. Breakfast bars. Those bars are very healthy oriented and contain less sugar than cakes or doughnuts but still have excess sugar. One serving of which may have over 10 gram.

9. Instant Oatmeal, in contrast to simple oatmeal, is excess sugar containing. One serving of each has around 15 grams. Therefore it is advised to choose simple oatmeal.

10. Bottled iced tea. This drink has just slightly less sugar than Coca-Cola which has 26gr per a 8-ounce bottle. Bottled iced tea has 24.




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