Food for muscle construction

  If one wants to build muscles there is a need to follow some general rules of proper food consumption:

 1. Caloric intake should be higher than usual. It is needed to consume at least 2500 calories.

 2. Enough protein consumption. It is advised to consume at least 1-2gr of protein per every pound of body weight.

 3. Fat consumption is also a must. Nearly 20 gr of saturated fat and 50-70 gr of both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat.

  4. Regularity of food consumption. 6 small meals during the day is suggested.

  5. Drinking enough water. The advised formula is body weight in pounds * 0,6 = Water intake in ounces.

  6.  Vitamins is also a key element. It is often hard to take all needed vitamins and minerals from food and often there is a need to use supplements.



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