A few words about my first days in Los Angeles


  Hey everyone,

  I would like everyone to know about some moments of my life here, in Los Angeles. In this post I would like you to know about how unreliable can it be to rely fully on airlines. The thing is that your life can be a disaster if your luggage happen to be lost somewhere in a different country.

   I am used to travel a lot to different countries and even continents and I was somehow always lucky with my luggage. It has never been lost or stolen. However, this time I was clearly unlucky.  I was flying from Kiev to Los Angeles via Moscow. Unfortunately for me, there are no direct flights from Ukraine to LA area. Initially everything seemed to be alright, but it was like that just for the flying time.

   After I landed to Los Angeles, I was told that my luggage was not flying in the same aircraft with me. It happened that it was left in Moscow. No one was able to clarify the situation. It happened that I was not alone, half or at least one third of all passengers didn’t get their luggage. I filled all forms and hoped that it could be delivered to me either the same day or at least in a day.

  The waiting period was definitely the hardest time for me. I had nothing to wear since everything was left in the luggage. Even more to this, I was forced to  sit at my hotel waiting for luggage delivery. The reason for this is that the receptionist of my hotel didn’t want to take it by himself. He said that he had no idea what could be inside and that it is illegal in the United States to take luggage of other people. So I was forced to seat at hotel waiting for a call of hotel’s receptionist. In fact, it took me a few long days to finally get a call from reception regarding my situation. One of airport workers came to the hotel with my luggage.

  On the whole, this story taught me not to rely heavily on airlines and always take some clothes as a part of hand luggage. It may exceptionally helpful during those emergency situations.



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