How to make body lean?


  Hey everyone,

  This post I would like to devote to an often asked question “How to make my body lean?”. I am just going to give some general advice here. Hopefully they will be needed for you.

1. Eat often but with small portions. It is often suggested that 6 meals a day is the best way to boost natural metabolism. It is very much the truth. Try to eat often leaving 2-3 hours in between. This regime is needed in order to teach your body not to save fat for the future but absorb it after each meal.

2. Eat real food. Pizza and different bars could be used for some purposes including muscle gain but it is a must to eat normal food like fish, meat, rice, beans… It may require some time to prepare it but it is much healthier to eat simple food. Very often it is even cheaper than expensive bars which include fat and sugar.

3. Exercise. Gym is a great invention. Plus it is not only for big muscled men. There are lots of not big guys there and yes there are many women that work out too. There is no need to be there long hours but if one needs a great result it is a must to be able to do it often. It is better to be there for 45-60 minutes but at least 3 days per week. It can help your body a lot!

4. Cardio. There a lot of options here. Some people prefer swimming, some running or walking. It depends on you. But cardio is a great way out for people with some excess fat and those that don’t want to start getting any.

5. Water. Drinking much water is a good habit. In fact, it is a medium in which most cellular activities take place. In other words, fat transportation and burning take place in water substance. Therefore calorie-free water is a great resource to clean your body from excess fat. It also helps to feel full and eventually eat less. It is advised to drink 1 ounce of water per 2 pounds of bodyweight per day.

6. Consume fewer calories than you eat. The sad truth no matter how hard you exercise and what kind of lifestyle you have there is no chance to lose fat if you eat more than burn. It can be a good idea to see a label with nutrition facts before you decide to purchase any products. Try to avoid products with lots of sugar and trans fat.


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