Characteristics of protein

  Protein is a macronutrient that helps body to produce amino acids needed for proper functioning of the entire body. On the contrast to carbohydrates, the consumption of this macronutrient should remain constant all the time. It is used for a variety of reasons such as proper immune system functioning,  muscle growing and its perseverance, proper recovery and for good appetite. Protein can be found in almost all products, however its quantity varies greatly.  Meat, fish, eggs and beans are known to be rich protein products. However, very often we don’t have enough time to consume enough of them. Therefore there are many substitutes which help to cover lack of proteins. All sports brands offer such substitutes which are called simply “protein supplements”. They can be found in variety of forms usually presented as powders sometimes as liquid. I will briefly comment on them.

1. Whey protein. It is a fast acting protein which is advised to be used before and right after work out.  Simple whey protein contains lactose and therefore people that have problems with digesting carbohydrates in milk (known as lactose) need to choose whey protein isolate. This form of whey protein undergoes filtering and has very little concentration of lactose.

2. Casein protein. It is a slow digesting form of protein which provides steady stream of amino acids to muscles. It is ideal right before bed for proper muscles recovery.

3. Other forms of protein:  egg, soy, pea, rice, hemp and beef proteins. Those forms are  in use as well, however most people go for whey and casein. They are often used by people intolerant to lactose or vegetarians (excluding beef protein).

 For muscle gaining it is advised to consume 2 gr of protein per 1 kilo. For muscle preservation even more: 3 gr per kilo.



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