Different kinds of exercises

Many people think that only gym is a way to exercise and lose weight. But it is not always the truth. There are different kinds of exercise like walking, dancing, gardening, biking or even doing household chores. It is all very much the way to look and feel better. The key to success according to Mr. Michael R. Bracko, chairman of the American College of Sports Medicine’s Consumer Information Committe is to find what you like and enjoy it doing that kind of exercise that you prefer. I kinda agree with Mr. Bracko there is no clear and one way of looking at things. There are always some basic concerns like no inspiration, laziness and so on therefore only the exercise that you like is able to lead you to success.

I will briefly comment on some of abovementioned kinds of exercise


Walking is something that we all do every single day. It has the lowest dropout of all kinds of exercise. 30 minutes walking is able to give lots of benefits for our body. Some of them are: improvement of blood lipid profile, blood pressure and sugar levels, reduction of coronary heart disease risk, maintenance of body weight and lowering the risk of obesity. Further to this, it leads to risk reduction of osteoporosis, breast and colon cancer and non-insulin dependent (type2) diabetes. And one more benefit which is not even connected to our body related issues. It is enhancement of mental well being. Therefore walking is training not only for our body but even for our brains.

We are fortunate enough to live in the era when it is possible to find walking clubs where we can enjoy our time with other people while walking. So it is always a good idea to join a walking club.



Dancing itself doesn’t feel like exercise. However, it does offer a total body workout. In contrast to many other kinds of exercise, dancing is suitable for all people including those that don’t consider themselves as “sporty”. It helps to burn body fat, keeps muscles toned, increases coordination and balance. Further to this, since it is weight-bearing exercise it strengthens bones. It also helps to keep joints and muscles healthy, improves strength, flexibility, posture and balance, leads to stress reduction, decreases the chances of fractures, osteopenia and osteoporosis. Further to all abovementioned benefits, it keeps body and brains active. According to study in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine it is enough to have classes of cha-cha twice a week for a small group of older adults in order to improve their memory and cognitive functions. One more research in the New England Journal of Medicine discovered that ballroom dancing at least twice a week made people less likely to develop dementia. This is very much due to a necessity to remember certain steps and sequences which help improve memory skills. The key success factor in dancing is the harder the dance is the greater the benefit can be achieved.

Therefore it may be a good idea to start attending dance classes.



If you prefer something very calming and relaxing gardening can be viewed as an option. It is a combination of exercise and benefit for yourself and community. It includes stretching, weightlifting and a moderate level cardiovascular workout. This activity is a very good way to burn calories in a calm way. According to Mr. Dan Hickey, the former editor of National Gardening Magazine, 45 minutes of gardening can burn as many calories as 30 minutes of aerobics. It helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol level. Further, gardening keeps away problems with heart disease diabetes and other diseases linked to inactivity and excess weight. The National Institute of Health also recommends this activity as a way to prevent issues with obesity. It is suggested to garden 3-5 times a week for 30-45 minutes. According to research performed by Iowa State University, normally women can burn up to 300 calories during an hour performing such duties like cultivating or using a spade whereas men can go up to 400 while doing exactly the same activities. Therefore gardening is a very rewarding activity for people seeking calmer way of exercising than more sports oriented activities.



If you are a more active person trying to be always on the move biking is a great alternative. It is a great way to see outdoors taking in the fresh air and exploring the town. During this activity, one can burn lots of calories up to 650 per an hour cycling at a steady pace over 15 mph. Therefore biking is an amazing calories burn activity. It does not only burn fat but also helps to build stronger, powerful leg, abdominal and back muscles. Biking makes the whole body look leaner and stronger raising metabolic rate which is needed for fat burning purposes. This activity is also great for heart and entire vascular system. It helps to get heart rate up and keep it where one wants it. Further, it is a stress reliever. It adds energy and helps to unwind after a tough day at work. It is a great activity not only due to results but because it is achievable outdoors allowing us to meet new people and explore new places enjoying surrounding nature. Therefore biking is a great activity for more sporty oriented people.



Running is definitely one of the most active kinds of exercise. In fact, it is believed that more pounding of weight bearing activities like running lead to faster calories burning than seated exercises. There is also an idea based on one recent research, according to which running one mile burns approximately 30% more calories than one mile walking which is also pounding of weight bearing activity. Therefore running is often viewed as a more energetic and sporty exercise than many others. Despite this, it also should be noted that the harder and more frequently the runner does it the more benefit could be achieved so all benefits estimations depend on the regularity. This idea is supported by American College Sports Medicine report. According to estimations of the benefit, individuals that ran more than 50 miles per week have significantly greater increases in the good fat and decrease in body fat. Furthermore, this activity helps to lower the level of coronary heart disease risk. Running also helps to reduce high blood pressure and even leads to reduction in the use of medications which lower blood pressure and plasma cholesterol level.



Swimming is a great kind of exercise that uses the whole body. It is good for all people including injured, pregnant and overweight. Swimming is often prescribed for many sportsmen that have traumas or joint diseases. It is often a part of rehabilitation. Water has a gentle, soothing effect on the body and therefore loved by many. Another great aspect of swimming is that it is suitable for all ages. Similarly to many other kinds of exercise, swimming strengthes and tones body making it more lean. It is also an active fat burner able to burn anywhere from 500-600 calories per hour depending on how efficiently one swims. However, similarly to other activities calorie expenditure depends on intensity of exercise. On the whole, it is a kind of sports that develops strength and endurance very often used in combination with other exercises. Often used for cool-down purposes, helping to move blood through muscles and for relaxation purposes.

Los Angeles is fortunate to have a lot of swimming pools and beaches.


Household chores

Such needed and simple things like household chores like dusting, vacuuming and mopping with gusto are also a very good way to burn some calories. In fact, all of them help to lose some calories. Among them are scrubbing the bath which can burn up to 200 calories per 30 minutes. 30 minutes of carrying shopping bags burns around 190 calories. Panting and decoration around 160, washing a car 143 during the same amount of time. We do such duties every day and therefore we all contribute to calories consumption. However, despite clear and obvious fat burning manifestations household chores is not a good form of cardiovascular exercise and therefore other kinds of exercise more sports oriented are needed.



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