A few words about me…

Hey everyone,

My name is Roman. I am 23 years old guy from Ukraine. I came to Los Angeles in order to try my life in the United States. I am an intern in one of local companies, here in LA. I hope it will be good. Fingers crossed. But before I start making a blog associated with my interests I would like to share my experience associated with the way how I decided to make such an important step in my life and my first feelings about the US.
After graduation from one of UK universities, I was not sure what to do next and for some short time I decided to focus on job search. However, later I changed my mind because I was afraid of losing a chance to try my life under completely new environment. Having mulled over all options which included the United States and China, I decided to focus on the United States. It was mostly because of one reason: language understanding and its possible improvement. One more reason that I had is that I’ve been to the USA so I knew what to expect.
In a couple of weeks I started looking at different web sites trying to understand where is it possible to find internship in Management/Marketing area. One of recruiting agencies namely ICD USA provided such services. After a talk with them I decided to give a try with Taycor Financial. Fortunately for me, my first try was successful. I managed to pass a job interview with both ICD and Taycor Financial. I was delighted to find an internship in Los Angeles.
The next phase was the hardest because it was simple waiting. I couldn’t do anything but for waiting until ICD and their partners organize a talk with the sponsor namely ICLS. After a couple of weeks, I passed it and started collecting all documents needed for US visa. Despite lots of concerns and uncertainty, everything went smoothly and I was able to get the US visa from the first attempt. I was asked just few questions during an interview such as reasons, whether I want to be back home and a question about my visa history.
In a couple of days when it was over, I was packing my luggage and meeting with friends in order to say “Good bye and See you soon”. During that time I couldn’t even imagine that my first days in Los Angeles would be not that easy.
Unfortunately, my internship didn’t start on time due to problems with luggage. It was lost somewhere on my way to the USA. Back in Ukraine, we don’t have direct flights from Kiev to Los Angeles and therefore I needed to fly via Moscow. Consequently, the thing that I feard the most happened. I came to my hotel without luggage. Thanks to LAX, it was found in a couple of days and I started searching a suitable apartment for me. I managed to find one in Culver City area where I am renting a room now. My room is really lovely and has everything that I need to have.
Finally I have started my internship and meet new people in this lovely place. I have wonderful colleagues and overall I meet many nice people on streets, metro almost everywhere. They are always ready to help and it does make me feel inspired by how positive people could be in this part of the world.
I know there must be many challenges that I can experience soon. Among them are lack of friends, possible problems with visa and homesick attitude. I know it is not going to be easy but it is a real experience that will never be forgotten.
On the whole, I believe in myself and in so much needed luck. I know that everything may happen and nothing is for sure but with no risk there is also no gain. I hope to keep you updated about my life and have an aim to share my lifestyle with you providing some advice how to be in shape all the time. So it is time to start emerging into the life of real work!



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